Soaring high beyond the long sky's trail is a name Smt. Ram Rati Devi Senior Secondary School, Lalitpur - Mau .  This long awaited dream dreamed by my husband Shri Kalpnath Rai , Ex.  Minister India Government established along two different dimensions are now hour is hinge at Lalitpur and Bakwal.  These institutions are not only impart value based quality education , irrespective of caste , creed , color and religion but also connect triangular pillars of education i.e.  Management, teachers and guardians.  Apart from imparting bookish knowledge they strike hard to inculcate the humanistic qualities to make children a complete citizen.  In addition to classroom panted educaton we lay a great deal of emphasis or Co - curricular activities including physical training through games and sports and also organize education excursion and tours to make them realise the traveling as a part and parcel of modern education in order to ensure  their over all academic, physical and psychological development.  In order to maintain the balance of value based education we always strike hard to establish effective communication between the school and parents at times.  We , therefore, expect that our dedication and devo tion alongwith faith and confidence of the parents will always result to strengthen this noble goal ahead.  I do convey my best wishes to your ward and assure them as induction towards their best academic career with excellent academic environment.

(Mrs.) Dr.  SUDHA RAI