ACADEMICS : Qualitative curriculum is provided to achieve good academic results.  The teachers continuously strive to improve the faculties of student by in innovative techniques and expose them to opportunities to help develop their all round personality

LIBRARY : An impressive collection if over 6000 books in various topics draws tea cher and children to the library.  About 26 magazines decorate the stands and are a feast to the book lovers.  The primary section boasts of its own library and books of all kind to help inculcate healthy reading habits among the younger students. 

COMPUTER LAB : With the boom in information technology our student are not left behind .  The three computer labs help in making teaching - learning process an enjoy able activity.  The labs provided an impetus to students and make them make receptive and responsive. 

SCIENCE LAB : A well equipped Junior Science Lab is the reinforcement ground for our young scientists of tomorrow. 

GAME AND SPORTS : Student participate in games and sports with zeal and enthu siasm.  The spirit of sportsmanship is noteworthy.  In the K. V. S. National Games held at Delhi , our Girls Handball Team brought laurels to the Vidyalaya by winning the most coveted ' Runners - Up ' trophy.  Student excels in Kho Kho, Basket Ball and Cricket under the guidance of a team of experts. 

ART GALLERY : Student give vent to their aesthetic feelings through art.  The art gallery is the center of the hub of activities all day long where talented teachers involve students in clay modeling, ceramic work, etc.  and nurture the talents of future craftsmen. 

VALUE BASED GAMES : Value based games are introduced in the primary classes.  The teachers like skilled potters play a pivotal role in molding the characters of the young ones entrusted to their tender care.  Children imbibe moral and spiritual values ??playing these games . 

LABORATORY : The well - equipped and spacious Physics , Chemistry , and Biology labs create scientific temperament in students . 

YOGA : Yoga for classes VI to XII help in maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

ART : Art in expression of the spirit.  It helps to cultivate an aesthetic sense, through a variety of situations and materials provided to them. 

SCOUTS & GUIDED: The Vidyalaya has a very active Scout & Guide movement.  Disciplines are the buzz word here.  This movement combines pleasure with training and a team of dedicated and well trained Scout Master and Guide Captains toil for the Success of Scouts and Guides to achieve the Rashtrapati Award.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: ' All work and no play make jack a dull boy '.  This is true in school too, hence dance, drama, music, excursions, debates, elocutions, mimicry, drawing and painting and other activities bring out the hidden talents of a child.  It provides an outlet for their feelings through expressions.  It also encourages creativity; Saturdays are set aside for all kinds of House activities. 

ADVENTURE CLUB: Our students no longer have to feel that they are tied down to their studies alone.  Excursions, tours, parasailing, hiking and trekking are some of the activities our young veterans take part in .  This prepares them for the future. 

AMPITHEATRE: Student take pleasure whenever any function is held in the school.  A very attractive and beautiful Amphitheater provides a scope for the big and the small to view drums, dances etc.  This Amphitheater is used for all function and is a special attraction in the school.